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Breyerfest 2017~Photos from Breakables Live Show

(click on each photo to see a larger version so that you can enjoy all of the magnificent detail!)

Notes from Sue's documentation: "Araber zu Pferd" by Scheibe-Alsbach. Arab on horseback designed by Prof. Reinhard Moeller.
Albany custom-glazed racehorse and jockey
Royal Worcester Circus Ponies
Rosenthal "Leaper" by Fritz.
Rosenthal "High Spirits."
Two Albany horses--Brigadier Gerard (left) and Mill Reef
Horse with the Golden Saddle. Sculpted by Pamela DuBoulay and produced by Donna Chaney/Animal Artistry.
Variation as this is a Horse with a Silver Saddle.
Horse with the antiqued-looking Silver Saddle. Donna stopped by the show and explained that the reason it looks this way is because it was first given a golden saddle in error, so they had to cover the gold with silver, resulting in this beautiful antiqued look.
Royal Worcester "Galloping in Winter"
Royal Worcester Arabian stallion.
Royal Copenhagen "Windswept" by Lauritz Jensen
Royal Copenhagen Carthorse by Carl-Johan Bonnesen
Lois's amazing Beswick draft mares.
Another view of the Rockinghorse Gray patterns...each one different!
Hagen-Renaker test color "Zara" Arabian mare.
Bay Hagen-Renaker "Zara"
Rose gray Hagen-Renaker "Zara"
Nicely matched Hagen-Renaker Mustang pair, owned by two different collectors.
Hagen-Renaker Mustang foal "Butch" bringing home the honors.
Hagen-Renaker custom-glazed Bedouin horse and rider.
Unknown white horse....
Cute poneh.
Hagen-Renaker test color "Abdullah" Arabian stallion.
Sue owns this draft horse, but says his origin is a mystery.
Donna Chaney/Animal Artistry draft horse
Bing & Gr√łndahl Belgian stallion.
Some brave people show their ceramic horses in performance.
Arabian costume performance entry.
Jo Ellen's "Dog and Pony Show".
Sue with her very ambitious show string, part 1.
Part 2 of Sue's show string.
Custom-glazed stallion by Horsing Around, UK.
Judges receiving their instructions from show holder Diana.
Tina and Brenda judging.
Kirsten and Sarah judging.
Yashka announcing winners in small production/test division.
Maggie (former show holder) Nancy and Yashka (past Keith Bean Award winners), and Jo Ellen (this year's winner). Jo Ellen will need the matching shirt now. It was just a coincidence that Nancy and Yashka wore that shirt, and that it features a draft horse, which Keith loved.
Jo Ellen, Rhoda, and Donna.
Kirsten, Heather, and Kristina.
Awards table, including custom awards made by the artists who were sponsoring challenge classes.