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Model Horse Shows at Breyerfest

Breyerfest at Lexington, Kentucky also hosts model horse shows for china collectors. The following are photos of amazing horses shown by collectors at the North American Nationals (NAN) or at the Breakables Live Show over various years. Please click on photos below to see larger images of each.

Horse With the Golden Saddle by Pamela Duboulay
Royal Copenhagen Carthorse by Carl-Johan Bonnesen
Note size of Beswick Fjords in background to give an idea of how large this Rosenthal Gaucho and Horse is!
Nymphenburg Horse by Karner
Rosenthal "Leaper"
Albany Desert Orchid
Hagen-Renaker DW Race Horse and Jockey
Royal Copenhagen "Windswept" by Lauritz Jensen

Excellent information on these horses and many more can be found at this wonderful reference website: