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Breyerfest--Lexington, Kentucky

Breyerfest is hosted at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington every year. Here is a collection of photos from various years. Please click on photos below to see larger images of each.

Life size bronze statue of the World Champion Polish Arabian stallion Bask. The sculpture was created by Edwin Bogucki.
Priefert Percheron cooling off
Horse Park Trolley
Gyspy Vanner owner let visitors climb up on her horse for photos
Visitors are welcome to walk through the barns and get a backstage view.
Beautiful Friesian horse and rider

--Photos from Breyerfest 2017--

(click on each photo to see a larger version)

The sign everyone looks forward to seeing!
Sue the bouncer checking people in for their shopping trip to the BHR room.
BHR room...the calm before the storm.
The walls of the Clarion during Breyerfest are covered with posters advertising room sales.
Wonderful service for on-site model repair, but the sign was a little creepy, too.
Beautiful gate entry to Kentucky Horse Park.
Along the pathway entering the park.
Linda dusted off Marney's plaque and added some roses.
Breyerfest theme was "Gateway to India". Most of those entering the diorama contest had beautiful costumes and exotic animals. This person took the India theme in a different direction.
Pony helping iteself to lunch.
Having a good laugh.
Pre-show massage.
Police horse (not tied) waiting to go on duty.
Clydesdale getting ready for meet-and-greet event.
Miniature leopard appaloosa.
Unusual ears of the Marwari horse.
Male sidesaddle rider.
Beautiful fleabit coloring.
Jugglers on stilts and in costume.
Belly dancers, male and female.
Peaceful moment.
Creative fly mask
New Breyerfest arena announcer.
Waiting in special run line, with doggie.